Microsoft to add two new USB adapters to its Surface line-up starting August 2



On the heels of delivering its long-promised Surface USB-C adapter, Microsoft will be adding two other USB-C adapters to its Surface peripheral line-up.


As noted by Windows Central (via Reddit), Microsoft also has a $54.99 adapter that will allow users to add Ethernet and USB Type-A ports to Surface via its USB-C port. And a second $19.99 adapter will convert the Surface USB-C port to a USB Type-A port. Both of the adapters are listed already on Best Buy’s web site.

Microsoft officials have said previously that backward compatibility is key to its Surface strategy. Company officials have continued to include the Surface Connect port on Surface devices and have, until recently, insisted that USB-A ports continue to be included on Surface devices for that reason.

The recently announced Surface Go doesn’t include a USB-A port, but does include a USB-C one. The Surface Go will be available for purchase on August 2, as will these two new adapters.

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