Deloitte: These tech trends will create the Symphonic Enterprise




The cover of Tech Trends 2018 report.

Deloitte sees a future where businesses are able to use new technologies in concert rather than trying to master each one individually.

In its just released ninth annual Tech Trends report Deloitte notes that companies would approach the integration of new technologies with a domain specific approach.

The lead authors, Bill Briggs, CTO of Deloitte Consulting, and Craig Hodgetts, Managing Principal of Technology, write:

In the past, organizations typically responded to such disruptive opportunities by launching transformation initiatives within technology domains. For example, domain-specific cloud, analytics, and big data projects represented bold, if singleminded, embraces of the future. Likewise, C-suite positions such as “chief digital officer” or “chief analytics officer” reinforced the primacy of domain thinking.

But it didn’t take long for companies to realize that treating some systems as independent domains is suboptimal at best. Complex predictive analytics capabilities delivered little value without big data. In turn, big data was costly and inefficient without cloud.

A holistic approach…

Deloitte sees “forward thinking” companies moving away from domain-specific initiatives.