Samsung Galaxy S5 could use ‘side touch’ camera button


Samsung camera

Touch-sensitive area of chassis might work as a shutter button, new camera modes also reported

In the run up to next Monday’s Galaxy S5 launch event in Barcelona, a few more details about the upcoming Samsung flagship are starting to trickle out online. Today Samsung fansite SamMobile, which has previously unveiled portions of the GS5’s software, says it’s gotten hold of some details about the handset’s camera capabilities. Echoing earlier rumors, the blog says the GS5 will feature a 16-megapixel camera, as well as 4K recording at 30 frames per second and 1080p at 60fps.

But more interestingly, there’s a claim that the Galaxy S5 will feature a new technology called “side touch.” A touch-sensitive on the lower right side of the case will work like a capacitive shutter key, though its use will apparently be limited to certain camera modes. The “side touch” feature could give users a more natural way to take photos, and it’s also possible that Samsung might choose to use this touch-sensitive area in other apps outside of the camera experience.

SamMobile also reports that the camera app itself has been redesigned, likely to fit in with the visual overhaul present elsewhere in the device’s software. Besides that, we’re looking at an extensive array of shooting modes, with some new additions. “3D Tour Shot” will appearntly let you create “interactive tours of your surroundings.” “Focus Select” sounds a lot like Nokia’s refocus camera tool, or Sony’s background defocus app, letting you change depth of field on the fly. “Auto portrait” lets you take a selfie using the rear camera. And interestingly there’s apparently an “Aqua” mode for shootig underwater — though no word yet on whether the device itself will be waterproof.

Whatever form the Galaxy S5 takes, we’ll be live from Barcelona on Feb. 24 to bring you full coverage of Samsung’s next big thing.

Source: SamMobile