Facebook Friends Checker


Keeping track of all your Facebook friends can be a problem if you have a lot of them. We are not talking about a few dozens but hundreds or even thousands of friends.

One thing that becomes very time consuming is maintaining the friend list. This includes keeping track of users who have stopped being your Facebook friend at some time as most users would probably like to be notified about that to have a chance to end the friendship on their end as well.

Facebook Friends Checker is a userscript that can be installed in the Firefox web browser providing that the Greasemonkey extension has been installed prior to this. It might work in other web browsers like Google Chrome or Opera as well but this has not been tested by us.

The userscript will act on every page load after you have signed in to an account on Facebook. It runs on a schedule that is by default set to 2 hours. This means that it will check the friends list every two hours. The check is initiated on the next page load after the scheduled time frame has passed by.

The developer explains in detail how the script operates:

Any time a page is loaded on Facebook, the script will run and it will follow the following basic algorithm;

* If the script has checked your friends in the past <> hours, do nothing.
* Otherwise, load a page on Facebook in the background with a list of all of your friends.
* Go through each of these friends and add them to a list.
* Compare this list with the list saved the last time the script checked your friends.
* If someone was on the list before who isn’t now, post the box informing the user.
* Save the new list of friends over the old one.
* Save the current time as the last checked time.

Any previous friend who is not longer a friend will then be listed on the Facebook page with options to view the friend’s profile to stop being a friend as well, or message the user to find out what is going on.

facebook friends checker

Facebook users with many friends may want to consider increasing the check intervals. Facebook Friends Checker is available on the userscripts website

Note: The script has not been updated since 2011 and it may not work properly anymore because of this. It worked the last time we tried it but there is no guarantee that it continues to work.