Check your hard drive with the manufacturer’s diagnostics. You need to remove the jumper completely assuming that is the only drive on the cable. If your floppy drive has no shroud around the pins, if the power connector has ever been plugged in such that it’s misplaced on the pins and then run the computer was run with it that way, the circuits on the drive’s board are likely to have been fried, and if so, the floppy drive will never work properly after that, on any computer. In your case, I suspect the board on the drive is fried. Western Digital provides this I spent lank time looking at them.

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So I thought or wondered that the boot loader loads the OS from the CD, into the RAM, from where it is operable while powered, and from where one can optionally choose to store install the OS into a non-volatile place – a hard drive – and that the hard drive is merely a larger and more convenient storage device than a CD: I have concluded that someone connected the power connector the wrong way around and fried it, because compared to the functional floppy drive, half of the shroud was gone, and the pins were not level with one another and not straight up, but each one was in a different direction and all at a slight angle upwards, so that when I connected the power connector to it the correct way aroundthe connector stood at a slight angle and was easy to wiggle up and down.

That’s for an XP Repair installation, but the procedure is the same except you need to delete and make at least one partition, and you will not have the second Repair choice, and that’s for XP Pro but what you see in XP Home’s Setup is nearly identical.

Posted on Jan 02, I could have been confused yesterday about the order in which I ns things yesterday, so I started all over again today: Similar probably applies to non-Windows operating systems.

It was all worth it getting my floppy drive to work, because I found forgotten document files from way back, of research work that I did then, which I can now use, and picture files of photographs.

Help me resurrect a throw-away MS-6714 VER:1

To use a legacy S-Video cable male – 4 pins on both ends you plug it directly into the 7 pin hole connector; or – to use a RCA cable male on both ends you use a standard legacy S-Video male 4 pins to RCA female adapter in the 7 pin hole “S-Video” port You use one or the other – S-Video or composite video RCA cable connection A S-Video connection yields slightly better video than a Composite video connection.


DirectX 9 only features will be auto replaced with lesser features, and it has no stated OpenGL support. So what I meant was that my current computer MS did not let me even read any of the floppy veg that I inserted, nor save any files to any of the floppy disks, example a small WordPad file, so how could I make a bootable floppy disk then if the floppy drive didn’t even read ved disk or save a small WordPad file?

You can copy the entire contents of the partition Windows is installed on, but you can’t legally, as far as Microsoft is concerned, use the same Product Key for more than one Windows installation.

MS ver motherboard – Hardware Support – UKT Support – Message Board

Quoted from your post Look at the link below for more uadio that. Yay, I’m learning a lot. See “Below” farther down in this post.

I’ve heard that you can download Windows 3. If I am the owner now of the whole MS including the brand case and the official Microsoft label that’s stuck on it, but not of the hard disk that was not in there when I was given the computer, then who is the true legal owner of the Product Key – me or the previous owner or whoever uses the Product key at present wherever they are if they are?

OK so now I am wondering, if I can get this 4G hard drive to work and the MS to detect it, then maybe if all seems well, I could then install the hard drive that I am presently using on my PC with which I am typing to you at this moment a bigger hard drive – 40 Gand install it as an extra hard drive into the MS – if it is compatible?

What IDE cable are you using?

Drivers for MSI GVM-L MS motherboard (Socket ) on FTP

As Tubes asked, are you sure you have a 6. Remember, you are trying to get by cheap. Quoted from my manual If you select Manual, related information is asked to be entered to the following items.

It’s a “crippled” version of the Acronis True Image software – you can do most things with it, but not all things the full version can do, if at least one hard drive connected to the computer is Western Digital.


On the very first screen there should be an option to select the floppy drive, along with the CD and hard drives. Driver ms vga dan sound.

If there is only a small difference between the hardware on the other mboard and theMAY load fine and accommodate itself to the changed mboard hardware while loading Windows the first time.

Note that the specifications of your drive must match with the drive table. In newer bioses, the model of the hard drive, and often it’s size, will show up in the bios if it’s been detected. I found one to format and it took a LONG time to format – which suddenly made me appreciate my current GB MS computer with the convenience of a CD drive, thinking of the days before CD’s arrived here in South-Africa, and how long it took to format floppies, and the space it took to store so many of them, and thinking of one Windows OS on several floppy disks, and if all goes well as it did so far, thanks to your help, then soon I will have a fully functional 2GB computer my MS Thousands of users waiting to help!

Programs you commonly need The specifications may differ from areas and we keep the right to change. I fiddled with my floppy drive in my MS and cleaned off the heads.

I am so grateful that there is an expert in this rushed world who takes time to help a beginner like me, and to read all the time consuming details in my posts, and then respond with detailed, helpful answers and information that make things so much easier for me to understand and do. The is my learning curve so I’ll try to get her up and running and stick with her with what I have, until I have built my first build, and if I find a small hard disk drive to fit myI will try to add it to the