I’m not entirely sure if they are correct with regards to the ATX specification and the board worked fine without them being used to mount the motherboard. Because of this, the board did not fair as well as we are used to seeing Abit boards do against the competition. Steam names the best-selling games of OpenGL based and not reliant on any DX8 class features the engine was originally a render target for GeForce class hardware and runs on old Rage Pro’s too! LG HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a 90″ picture.

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Fortunately, motherboard manufacturers that already had KT boards on the market simply needed to “drop in” a new northbridge, as no other architectural changes were made.

Abit skipped the KT entirely unlike many manufacturers that brought out KT boards and are now updating their product lines with updated rid. Here we can see the KTA being put to good use and used well without any tweaking at all.

However an Alpha did fit fine with no clearance issues and being one of the largest Socket A coolers on the market I presume that pretty much anything will fit without a problem. So while lr7a motherboard wasn’t able to take the XP very high due to heat issues we can still examine the performance increases we did get.

Generally, though, you should be fine with most hard drive and floppy locations.

Aquamark was a little different and didn’t seem to respond to the clock and FSB increase very much at all. It seems like the extra time spent by Abit has paid off, not in feature count but in stability and performance. Performance at Mhz 10 x As usual to start off our look at performance we have Sandra numbers. In these past 12 months since the KT chipset, we’ve seen the emergence of some crucial new technologies to partner AMD’s Socket processors, mainly in the form of memory bandwidth enhancements.


Performance I’ve had a pretty special CPU here at Hexus for a short while for review and it was reviewed using this motherboard. Using cold air to chill the water passing through the radiator I was able to drop the temperature of the processor to around 20c load, regardless of CPU speed. Tweaking of card clocks and driver options would take us over 3DMarks. Well, it’s pretty sparse. In practise it was quite fiddly to attach fans to the headers even without the ATX power cable plugged in since there is very little room around the headers.

As we increase the resolution and therefore the dependance on card fillrate, the increase in performance for the overclocked system becomes less and less. Motherboards Previous page Next page. Abitone of the largest motherboard manufacturers in Taiwan have been known to produce high performing motherboards that cater for the enthusiast crowd.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. DDR memory technology, where data is available on the rise and fall of the clock signal driving the memory module and memory controller, has taken off in a big way since its release and it’s now almost impossible to buy a new AMD system without DDR memory.

This is becoming a problem as far as board sales go. Customize The Tech Report They come in for criticism about not having products available for general retail sale at the same time as their competitors but it usually means they are just taking the extra time to perfect their boards. Recently on my test system I’ve taken to just using a bootable CD that runs DOS and enough drivers and tools so that I can get any operating system started or partition and manipulate any of my disks.


VIA KT266A Motherboard Roundup – January 2002

Being heavily dependant on the DX8 rendering features on the graphics card, increasing card clocks would have had a bigger effect, however the increase is there nonetheless.

While their volume of sales worldwide is not quite as impressive in comparison to others such as Asus and ECS, when you factor in their lack of OEM sales, the sales numbers are very good indeed. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. More on that later. LG HU85L projector needs but two raiv to cast a 90″ picture. Constantly a leader in overclocking options, performance, and even rakd like on-board RAID, Abit has made quite a name for itself raif the hardware community.

With the review out of the way and couple of days to spend with the processor pushing it a bit further, I decided to see if I could break my personal 3DMark best of WindowsXP, Mhz, XP Mhz x It’s all about perspective.

Abit KR7A- Raid (Socket A) Overview – CNET

I’ll show a few benchmarks at Mhz then a result using a different CPU on the same board to show you what it’s really capable of. This new memory interface made a significant difference in the chipset’s performance, and raised the bar for its competitors, SiS and ALi.

Dell returns to the stock market after six years. Games are often rair usual culprits since they are the main drivers of hardware innovation these days.