Too bad, it doesn’t work for me either. Enabling dual function on Tags for this Thread jmicron. It’s simple to use a separate hard What happens to the people like me that have 8 drives in their box?

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Ben Collins ben-collins wrote on Thanks perhaps these would be xta FAQ questions for somewhere or other. What can I say? I guess you need some luck to get an adapter where everything works, particularly for booting. Janosch Peters jp-binford wrote on I want to use Ubuntu. Added the irqoll argument.

Serial ATA to IDE Module, Support ATA100/133/CD-ROM/DVD Devices – SY-ADA40011

Currently, I am running kernel 2. Daniel Hollocher chogydan wrote on By screaminNovember 15, in New Users Lounge. I must ensure that the JMicron controller driver is installed during the XP installation process.

The amount of complaints is rising on various linux forums as people begin buying this newer tech and I very much miss using my favorite open source operating system: Results 1 to 5 of 5.


I’ve a 12 years experience as a standard Linux-user, but never before installation has been that difficult MacMan and I have got the answer for you.

There are already 3 bugs and at least 9 forum threads regarding this. This bug should be considered Critical.

Serial ATA to IDE Module, Support ATA//CD-ROM/DVD Devices

Using Chameleon as your bootloader, you can boot jmicgon infinite amount of operating cd-rrom on your PC. Something weird with usb there is, because on all graphical installers I’ve tried Fedora, Mandriva etc. I agree with firefoxtester, this is very critical because of how many boards it affects. That is only the next official release, I would hope that there would be a nightly as stated above that includes the fix. I get the below errors also, but then I can boot fine.

Error message “Windows has detected a hard disk problem” crossfireltdDec 14,in forum: Third-party burn programs work just fine.

It’s not impossible, just unlikely. It wasn’t until after I submitted, that I saw the rest of the discussion. Sorry a couple noob questions; 1.


JMicron Problem?

Fistly, I must say, what a nice community. Several people mention that giving the parameter “all-generic-ide” to the kernel at boot works for Fedora Core, however, it did not work with the Ubuntu 6.

Can I install the JMicron driver from it? What must I do in order to be able to post there? Sign up for a new account in our community. There is a comment about similar behavior in the 2. JamesAndersen Dec 18, Marcus Fischer elyps wrote on I only mention this to demonstrate what a noob I am.


My SATA dvd drive is detected fine.