I pushed the compression driver to the limit and set a second order filter at Hz, that improved things greatly, but it seems like I need to improve upon the enclosure one of the ‘s sits in. Well it is pretty amazing sound IMO. Fresh from an old closed down Theatre System. Each auction will provide information about condition and returns. If you purchase more th. Good condition, tested fine.

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Pair of JBL J 16 ohm 2″ compression drivers. Please check out my other auctions. Horn flares not compreession. I wanted to make sure this was not rusted up inside.

Report qualitprix in unbeatable opportunity.

JBL 2445J 2″ Throat Compression Driver 16 Ohm 56541

Original Theatre installation, Excellent cosmetic and working condition as shown. Please see the pictures. I only used these in small venues where they were run very conservatively.

Buyer to pay actual shipping of 70 lbs. I hate to sell but my landlord says pay or move.

Serials and Both are Tested and Guaranteed to work. In comparison, the JBL which I also availing oneself are softer and rise highest frequencies. Write a user review Ask for a user review. JBL pair with horn flares from record producer Martin Hannett’s cache. If auctioned item requires extra packing materials to be shipped or buyer requests extra packaging These charges will be added to the shipping costs.


Click for more info. USA This auction is for: Packing is included in shipping. They are heavily damped and it works great for bass, but maybe not so much for the highs? All Georgia residents will be charged sales tax at the time of checkout.

These things were built to last and it’s going to be really exciting to see how they fare in terms of sound quality. Or go to my other items I have for sale.

Huge horns and large format compression drivers from JBL

On that note, let’s talk about the diaphragms’ spectral decay and potential fatigue due to ringing. Le A has him when comoression good money but because of its composition it generates a tonic you can completely remove by sanding the flag box build and by treating it with a sound-proof type Blackson.

We only ship to your listed PayPal street address if you pay with PayPal. The need for horn overlapping is minimized and lobing and comb filter effects are virtually eliminated.


Please ask them before purchasing. And found nothing wrong. They were recently removed from a local mega church.

JBL J 2″ Throat Compression Driver 16 Ohm | eBay

Both units are in excellent working and physical condition. The driver has a genuine Compressiob diaphragm installed in it. For crossovers, filters etc I will be using miniDSP 4×10 HD and amplification will be a mixture of the Anaview amps I have built and continue to build as well as other things I have sitting around.

Log in Become a member. A cheaper option would be Radian’s 4″ aluminum diaphragm which is available through Parts Express. I will accept returns jb, this item within 14 days of delivery.