But I am doing a lot of software development Some Extra Notes: This is a picture of the battery and sockets from the side This is a picture of the battery and sockets from the top I had a small zippered bag that insulates the battery from everything else so here is a picture of the battery in the bag. Type “ipkg update” return 7. Now we need to make sure the NSLU2 has access to the Internet Click on the Administration button You will get a screen that looks like this after you enter the admin user and admin password You have to make sure all the boxes are filled out My IP address is Everything else went without a hitch. You now have a programming environment that will run on the NSLU2 and can compile and link on the very system you are running on.

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There is also code available for a chat server.

Now your left with this: July 30, at 5: I am sure that I do not need to go into backup procedures for programmers. If you have any problems or comments if I made any mistakes please make sure and message me.

Put the usb drive in a safe place because the only time we will use it is when we are installing software. Radio Shack sells the universal adapter series that will power two devices at the same time. Congratulations you are now running encrypted communications to your NSLU2 No one else on the network could watch your communications.


July 17, You have to make sure for the setup part that your NSLU2 will live on your network with the other computers and have access to the internet.

Forgotten Homebrews Part 1: iR Shell

Type “ipkg update” return 7. July 28, I have two drives plugged in at this time and they are browesable on my network. Then whatever name you gave your NSLU2 will show up on your network.

The charger for the battery is a wall mount transformer with a cigarette lighter plug on the end. July 29, at So we are going to add it. Not smaller and not as versatile.

This might save you a whole lot of probelms and pulling your hair out. You may need to search it up for separate patch or sth to be able to run iR Shell. Hello gr8npwrfl, Thank you for the additional instructions rishell installing usbhostfs to flash memory. It had so many useful features. I have one socket left.

Please login or register. Note that pins 4, 5, 7, and 8 and the blue and brown pairs are not used in either standard. Everything else went without a hitch. The lighting is not great and I will need to get a slim so I can capture the screen video so you can see what is happening on the screen better.


Enter the use admin and the pass admin The screen will now look like this: Please help support the site by donating at the link below. We take 4 cigarette lighter sockets. July 27, at 6: July 27, at It 3.99 you to access and manipulate files on your computer, including a music player, image viewer and lots more handy features.


You will refresh the first page and when it mounts it will show the size on the first page of the setup. Here is my access point and supply Ah yes we need a hard drive. If you noticed in the first irshhell shot you can even turn the usbhostfs on and off in the web interface.