The internal device section needs to have the Driver option Choose your driver instead of intel I’ve put the rest in the file. There is also a bug with the screen rotate not set normally when X has fired up, resulting in that all menu bars and popups are displayed out side the screen. I still have the problem with 2nd monitor only showing bright green. Do you think the docking station could have GPU? Okay, I’ve accepted that this will never work, and found a totally different solution.

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Multiple display devices on a single system allows for a number of possible configuration options.

Did you find this information useful? But you’ll probably have to do the same installation of drivers or software to make it work. Closing log lise lise-HP Using K framebuffer memory [ Do not try to install the code from intel.

برامج تشغيل الرسوميات لأطقم الشرائح Intel® Q35 Express

The ubuntu classic is an odd, non standard thing, and I can’t find “System”. If you’re seeing both monitors listed in the video properties then that’s probably the case. Your computer has only one video output. Dxpress don’t see an ubuntu logo at the top. This is pretty simple, so maybe your IT folks are dicks.


One version works with Ubuntu and the other one does not have it listed. The bright green screen means the kernel driver is working.

Frequently Asked Questions about Multiple Displays for Older Intel® Graphics Products

DL chip limited to pixel modes [ Given the info you posted, it looks like you have the Mobile 4 and the link I provided is to that. I assume this shouldn’t be put in the file: That sounds very much like an external USB display adapter.

Did this bit work okay?? The internal display just needs the basic stuff with “intel” driver.

Frequently Asked Questions about Multiple Displays for Older Intel®

Okay, so I get to this page see attached. Support Home Graphics Drivers. This seems a minor issue, I can come back to. Waaay easier if you have two outputs from your graphics card. Do cgipset think the docking station could have GPU?

You will need a video card. VGA splitters will only clone the output to multiple monitors. There is support for some USB displays.

Display options as seen on the Windows XP Desktop. Intel Dual Display Clone is used to drive multiple displays with the same content.


Wherever you had it last is where it will show up next time. So if you want two monitors, you’ll need an internal video card with two outputs.

Support for Graphics Drivers for Intel® Q35 Express Chipset

While in the zoomed-in area of the smaller screen, the cursor acts as normal. Even browsing might be a pain. I just checked out some of the functioning setups in my office and all of them have an additional video card plugged into a USB port.

The internal device section expreess to have the Driver option Choose your driver instead of intel I’ve put the rest fxpress the file. The middle panel lists a lot of OS.

Back when I was on a Windows machine, I used and enjoyed Ultramon for my dual monitor setup.