Icom has many years of DSP expertise, and has been key in development of the technology. Variable capacitors provide higher accuracy than a typical mechanical relay tuner. The internal antenna tuner covers from 1. Then in Device Driver: No external units or PC required. Download the latest firmware updates.

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Have you looked to see what the current usage for each port when connected directly? Icom has many years of DSP expertise, and has been key in development of the technology. When connected directly to laptop, I get a “device descriptor request failed” error in device manager for two other ports, and a “device cannot start” error ussb the 4th port. Forums Blogs Articles Groups.

Watch hsb drivers dis appear when you un plug the cable.

The hub will operate with or without the wall-wart. I tried turning off the power management as you suggested but sadly, no joy. Is the driver setting for the radio the same directly compared to via the hub?


Thank you for your input as well! What I’m not sure of is if the powers the USB interface internally, or if it relies kcom the cable for it’s internal interface power. Then in Device Driver: Even during long hours of heavy-duty cycle operation, the IC provides stable output power. It is usually K below the 8K requirement.

I’ve tried both ways with no chg in symptoms.

Icom USB/CI-V Ports

You might try a short cable if you haven’t already. The most obvious and to me, curious symptom is inability to “calibrate” the IC receive audio codec. Have you tried other USB ports on the Toshiba. I had nothing but trouble until I went to a 3 foot long Icomm cable, anything longer would not work reliably.

Latest Update: Windows 10 Compatibility with Icom USB Drivers

If you are NOT using a power source for the hub, it adds to the overall drain of power, so it becomes more curious. If I forget and plug my cell into the wrong one, it won’t charge. So, let’s look at hardware. Is the hub a powered hub? You might want to ping Icom about this. Download the latest firmware updates. The newest Icom 7140 1. When compared to a typical triple-conversion system, signal distortion is dramactically reduced.


I’m not a fan of either version, but 10 is better than 8. By changing the first IF filter width according to the operating mode, the desired signal is protected from the influence of nearby strong stations. The IC represents the latest in digital achievement and performance.

I have tried all types of “stuff” to no avail. Can you try the isb cable plugged in directly with any other software for the radio? IC, AH-4 and a laptop; antenna is variable Truck: Fixed for 15kHz in FM mode.

Once you transmit on a frequency, the tuner can instantly retune the frequency using its built-in memory.

Don’t know how to do this