Built like a tank. An IBM Aptiva tower unit from Almost everything was proprietary. It had the big black monitor on two big metal legs. Maybe they’ll have something listed there as XP compatable. Because of this uncertainty, IBM machines were sold without Windows 95, while Compaq , HP , and other companies sold machines with Windows 95 from day one. Plastic ovular black-on-white logo on the top left, cable channels; no lock lights but framed LED area.

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It had no drives installed in the tower, because there was a satellite unit that plugged into it, which had a tray that pops up.

You may not get exactly what is pictured. Los Angeles, CA Registered: Tested with an old IBM Aptiva and it works well. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I made a small assembly program EnMMkeys.

Need help getting an IBM Aptiva keyboard working without the Aptiva – Ars Technica OpenForum

Sep 9, Posts: Despite IBM’s continued decline in hardware, that was more than offset by the company shifting focus to the more lucrative e-business integrated e-commerce and Internet technology solutions.

Nov 14, Posts: There seems to be a problem serving the keynoard at this time. I’m seeing hints that the keyboard is actually aptvia Rapid Access Keyboard II, rather than I, which means the link is already in my post. Terminal style layout, framed LED area without lock lights, plastic ovular black-on-white badge. The console connected to the main unit via a 6-foot cable.


IBM Aptiva Keyboard MFR P/n 06H | eBay

Click on that picture and tell me if that’s your keyboard. This may be a unicorn keyboard.

Model M is a designation for a group of computer keyboards manufactured by IBM starting in The bottom ihm the keyboard is still the original graphite gray color, but the top of the keyboard is slightly discolored from exposure to sunlight. Jun 6, Posts: The source code IS included, though. Underneath the keys has not been cleaned.

Blue terminal sublegends on the all-grey key “PFxx” block; stepped modifiers; silver square badge on the right side of the “upper deck”; data entry layout. Magitronic Vintage Keyboard KB I will try to describe the Aptiva, and maybe that would help. Type ; terminal style layout including F sublegends; plastic ovular black-on-white badge at the top left; framed LED area without lock lights.

The one I have looks like a standard layout, and it has function buttons on the right side to the right of the 10 key.


Need help getting an IBM Aptiva keyboard working without the Aptiva

Pages with volatile references Pages under construction Research. They can be remapped by using Key Tweak http: I have tried IBM’s website to no availe.

The site had much information on topics such as how to open the computer case, [6] drivers and upgrade tips.

The monitor had a Bose sound system on the side of it and there was a tall, cylindrical unit that was a subwoofer that connected to the computer. You can try looking through Micro-Innovations website or downloading the current version of their software, but I wouldn’t be hopeful. Wed Apr 27, 9: Plastic ovular black-on-white or blue-on-grey badge at the top left; terminal sublegends including FF The beautiful Pacific Northwest Registered: An IBM Aptiva tower unit from The “stealth” series was a unique all black design that had the monitor resting on a metal stand with a ‘console’ located underneath which contained the floppy and CD drive.

A sample of capacitive switch keyboard.