The Q Menu will now display only the predefined options that you opted to include. As soon as the key is released, the flutter returns. This is a real emergency sisnce ive looked everywhere for a site to download this program with no luck. Thanks for mentioning this. Message 4 of

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The following documents detail specific QuickPlay issues that you may encounter. This occured months ago, but has not bothered me very much, although i would like to be able to use the volume and mute buttons.

Thank you very, very much. I dont need the restore program I dont need the quick launch buttons program. I’m convinced now the underlying cause of this problem is a hardware issue. Most recently the power button has stopped working completely note the warranty is also conveniently up.

HP QuickPlay buttons nothing but trouble – how to disable? – HP Support Community –

I just updated to ver 3. I uninstalled QuickPlay and they still function and still cause trouble.

Hope this can retain some people’s sanity! Here’s how to turn off the quick play feature: Wednesday, February 28, Re-insert the battery, plug in the AC Adapter and start the notebook. Troubleshooting known issues There are several known issues regarding QuickPlay that have been identified. If you have these icons, you have HP Quick Launch buttons.


Quick Launch buttons issue – no longer work – Page 3 – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

When prompted, select the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system option to open the software and drivers web page. Information and links in this bugtons may no longer be available or relevant.

You can even customize the Q Menu to contain exactly the options that you want it to have, presented in the order that you prefer to see them.

If the computer originally came with Windows Vista and has been upgraded to Windows 7 you must install the latest version of the Quick Launch Button software. Browse — browse to a favorite program or web site and set that program or web site to always open as the action that occurs when buttns the applicable Quick Launch button.

The Updates and Enhancements window opens. Glad to see it was helpful to everyone! Oh man this is so helpful. After I installed quick play update 3.

HP Notebook PCs – Understanding and Using HP Quick Launch (Windows 7, Vista)

Toughbook Jul 22, The QuickPlay touch-buttons above my keyboard give me a great deal of grief. I have a dv7, probably a bit newer than yours, but I’ve worked on a dv2k and it worked fine with 9. Troubleshooting known issues There are several known issues regarding QuickPlay that have been identified. Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.


The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. I quickplat the hard boot, reinstalled the quick launch drivers, played endlessly with the settings. You should determine which version is designed for your computer and then verify which version is actually installed.

This is what my QP 3. Unfortunately i am not good with the registry, so quickkplay can’t help you there. For QuickPlay, use the update function in the QuickPlay application by following the steps below. The Quick Tile option enables you to do so. I boot now VIA cd and have the quick play buttons working.

The Presentation button will now open the program, file, or web site that you have programmed it to open, unless you change it.