April 22, at 9: Have used Flash memory tool Kit V1. November 27, at 7: Bloggy Bloggy My Blog. I really need to solve this, I bought several of this fakes for my brothers and friends.

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DieselDragon and to others, even if you fix your keys, i would refrain from using them to store critical data, they are very delicate and cheap makes! Damnz, unless you start exporting and making some money.

Guide to fix hacked USB drives – A visual Example « FixFakeFlash Inspectortech

Hey guys Well i am still looking for a solution regarding the Hisunn Usb stick 32gb i bought off from ebay. Have you done the fake usb key test if not i suggest you do it, and make sure its cisk fake key first before taking it apart to fix something thats not broken.

Properties show Used 32,Bytes After that it was unreadable ……. There is also a summary pagewhich contains a summary of speed tests for USB drives that accumulated 5 speed tests or more.

It sees the chip but I think I have some settings wrong. Alsoplease note guys i do not make these software, i try google to find the tools, sometimes its easy to find, something its not feasible.


February 12, at 1: December 1, at 1: October 3, at 2: You just have to find the out.

Hisun Flash Disk USB Device – windows vista drivers

The serial number looks like it must be numeric as it will fill lots of zeroes before the number you enter. JJM seems like that is the very case, that you are using Vista, can you get access to xp box or maybe create a vm inside your vista and put xp on it and try flah out? My usb, and other usb, cannot be detected in all of those programs.

After format is complete simply hiskn the key from computer, and format it using win xp or any tool you like hisunn do not use quick format, just let it format using simple format and your key is flzsh all set to be used, without worry of data corruption but do note these are not legit keys, so i wouldnt put anything that is really really important on these keys.

Please advise Regards Ralph. I tried many software to fix it included that one posted here but nothing to do. Lets start by posting some pictures first. I have filled a dispute with paypal, and although i specifically told them that the transaction was fraudulent, i got my money back but the seller keeps doing the same scam….


Does not appear to be a problem. Forgot the third link: Only of MByte tested. Hhisun actual controller chip inside had printed on it MWE. Sumeet, thanks for you reply.

Finding the right tool and flash file to match your memory chip might help it flash it back to its original true capacity ,unless it really is mb in its true capacity, did you run the true usb key capacity check to see what capacity the usb key has originally?

November 7, at 4: Nobody has a solution to my problem description of March 14, at 2: I cannot find information about memory noname?

They has slower read-write speeds. Due to the low quality of the dsik in fact, may happen that in some cases the process of fixing kills the fake flashpens. October 15, at 2: Please Avoid Fake Memory Products! September 21, at 6: