So i would be glad if someone can help me this “old” but really cool notebook get back to life. If you really want keyboard shortcuts you could look into how keymapping works in Lubuntu. They are not necessarily working the same way as in Windows but often it’s possible to execute their function via software, as you already mentioned. So at least, yesterday i tried Xenialpup. See full activity log.

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Board index All times are UTC. All times are GMT What drivers do I need to get the touch screen working again, and in what order am I supposed to install p16110.

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Touch Panels – Driver Software

So why do i all the things? February 14th, 2. Fujitsu Lifebook P with Touchscreen Hi, welcome to the fora. Vadim Rutkovsky roignac wrote on No registered users and 0 guests.


ubuntu – Linux on Lifebook P Touch – Stack Overflow

People profess to be experts and give you half answers, clues and suggestions but not the actual tojchscreen. Linux – Laptop and Netbook Having a problem installing or configuring Linux on your laptop? But finally it started to work, so I can try to give you my description. When liberating old hardware from Windows the function keys are often a weak spot. But then I’ve done something like that unfortunately I don’t remember perfectly: If you’re not the original reporter, we’d prefer you file a new bug report.

Slim, fast, not so nice as Xubuntu or LinuxMint but that is not that important. Hope this will help, if you have any questions just ask me here. funitsu

Timo Aaltonen tjaalton wrote on Then, I clicked Add new device in Windows Control Panel, selected ‘add new device’ or something like that. I want touchecreen do this for a long time, but now i want to start You need to log in to change this bug’s status.


I would recommend re-booting after each install, even if it’s not forced. Fujitsu Lifebook P with Touchscreen Hi everybody, as in the title said, i want to reactivate my old Convertible with Touchscreen. I’ve tried to foind the answer in this forum and in the FAQ but to avail. Bringing old hardware back to life. Then I downloaded all the drivers for ST from http: Now I think perhaps this is driver for the active tablet version with battery powered pen?

I hate to throw away hardware, because Microsoft meant it to old Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. If you have, how did you resolve it?