It isn’t complicated at all. No offense taken, it’s the truth! Joined Mar 25, Messages 19, Thanks 1, Respond to post 3 Paste the text copied above before the text in post three. Any advice would be appreciated. You should have started a new thread talking about your specific problem but I’ll just jump in with some advice

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Even the words used. That’s how I knew you’d responded to my post — I got an alert.

Hey everyone, first time user of FreeNAS and first time poster here. FYI, I don’t have multiple interfaces on a single subnet.

Change network Interface order? | FreeNAS Community

I tried to use the GUI to setup the VLAN connection first and then the other network interface but it seems my secondary interface is always ordered first and brought up first. Most likely you’ve got NAT running on one or both networks, so it all goes to heck. Your preferred style also breaks another useful forum function — the Go to First Unread button.

Any reason why the card is not recognized and configured automatically?. You shouldn’t have both plugged in if you aren’t using the second one.


Solving FreeNAS jails on a dedicated NIC

Just use an Server Adapter for this configuration, and you will get the best results in speed. I’m not sure I agree with you a hunnert percent on your policework, there, Lou. What’s new Chang posts New resources Latest activity. Is there a way to edit the configuration by file?

But it doesn’t make any sense to have 2 NICs on the same network. Apologies, I ni did search always do. At least the fix was cheap!

I’d also point out the following: I think that the NIC chipset is the same on both. Joined Jun 28, Messages Thanks 9.

I have multiple interfaces 2 on different subnets. Eli Singer Newbie Dec 1, For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Zpunky Start date Mar 6, Your obsessive insistence on hounding people chanhe post in the format that happens to be your own personal preference is extremely unpleasant for the freensa of this behaviour.

Respond to post 1. That is probably the biggest change for the system.

Is it possible to install updated NIC drivers in FreeNAS?

Remember, the console is still usable. This part works now. Cancel their response to post 1.


When you bring up the second network, the default route is changed to point out that most recently configured network, and unless you’re using real IP addresses and loose or no ingress filtering on your router, this hopelessly screws you.

Well, i just deleted the entries from the host file and it suddenly seems to work! What happens when you remove or disable that? Zpunky Mar 7, My router and switch both support gigabyte speeds.

I don’t want to speculate on how you did things but it isn’t automatic if you already had a NIC configured such as your internal NIC and later added the add-on card.

Seems like it shouldn’t be that difficult to configure. Upon boot up i got a message that there was “no network connection” and no IP address.