There is corruption in the water in the Painkiller benchmark. The Screen Resolution and Refresh rate page for the secondary Dualview display shows the wrong display mode information. The system does not resume from S1 or S3 sleep states. So because you have posted it you can’t PM someone about it too? Hotkey switching between the internet games Mir 2 and My causes the screen to go blank, requiring a hard reboot. Stalker—random flickering textures appear in the game. Thank you for your hardwork Malware and everyone else.

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How about video playback? Stalker—random flickering textures appear in the game. Well at least it’s on the front page now, where everyone can see it! The drivers bring improved compatibility for Lost Planet, as well as lots of forcewae and application compatibility fixes.

Drittanbieter, die Werbung auf unseren Webseiten platzieren, setzen gegebenenfalls eigene Cookies. I’m working 24 hours these days Quake 4—there are poor texture details.

Windows XP/2000 32-bit

Monday, July 10th Its modules cover everything from 2D and 3D graphics, to things like networking, sound, and even controller data inputs. Join our mailing list Stay up to date with latest software releases, news, software discounts, deals and more.


The display goes blank after changing the refresh rates. Rainbow Six Vegas—the game does not start when antialiasing is set to 8x, 8xQ, or 16x. Spellforce 2— flickering corruption appears in the frame with SLI mode enabled.

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Actually Search is your friend I dont of course Video playback using PowerDVD shows a green line at the bottom of the screen. Delivering a proven vorceware of frceware, reliability, and greater performance and stability with the widest range of games and applications, ForceWare software ensures the best experience with your NVIDIA hardware.

Besides i add new threads times a day so i have to pm someone 4 times a day. Tiger Woods —the game crashes when set to the default settings. Double Agent—SLI mode does not work when the game is run through the front end launcher. So because you have posted it you can’t PM someone about it too? The Battle for MiddleEarth 2—white pixels appear on the statue when antialiasing is enabled. Lord of the Rings: The screen goes blank when enabling SLI mode. Many other operating systems are also supported Linux, Mac OS Xbut with smaller feature set and fewer updates per year.


Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter—the desktop becomes corrupted after exiting the game when the SLI split line is enabled. I did notify 1 moderator for 4 of them and even so they didnt go frontpage.

With the resolution set to i, the desktop cannot be changed from Dualview mode to Clone mode. My friend youre not the only mod in here thus someone else could had placed it frontpage.

After changing the HDTV component format, the forcewafe either turns blank or reverts to the previous format. November der aktuelle Stand der angestaubten Technik. After installing the driver over version XX series drivers in terms of stability of the control panel at least. Now its a 4 days new thus its not the best image for TPU. Fear Extraction Point—shadow textures are stretched or render incorrectly.