For the unlocking part, try entering: I reported a similiar bug a few days ago, but it was marked as duplicate. I am also not sure why the kernel issues a device reset when the ioctl generates an error, but I think this is wrong. Later I was also able to make a basic ‘dial up networking’ connection from the newer laptop in which I’d used the E on Orange, and had all the correct drivers installed. Continue if you’re ok with this, or read our privacy policy. The fact that it was recognised prior to release and still released is weird You also need to find the COM port of the modem.

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Hi guys, Did you install usb-modeswitch? It worked fine on Jaunty. As of today, with new proposed updates – this problem is sorted for me.

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Could you retest with the latest kernel 2. Thanks for everybody for their input. Same here, flip-flops between a usb mass storage device and a gsm over and over.

However, I have never seen a kernel-oops which also didn’t show in the log that I posted. Previous experience had shown that the Vodafone Mobile Connect and Orange software and modems were not going to coexist on one computer easily more on that later.


In either case, follow the on-screen instructions to complete setting up your USB Stick. Samsung syncmaster t driver Ati display driver for windows 8 Atapi dh16w1p firmware Crack fior monster fair pinball Epl chelsea This is very annoying!

Account – Manage your Vodafone account Dependent on your mobile network operator and your account Help – Hints and tips on using the app Connect – Button to manually connect or disconnect Advanced – Further settings and options. After I installed usb-modeswitch, the E switches constantly period about 5 seconds between being nothing at all and being a modem. The list shows the supported Data Cards and the notebook computers in which they were sold.

I have an E also and i have reported this similar bug my bug is a month earlier than this bug but it seems that is has lack of updates, so I also decided to subscribe here. To be honest, Vodafone would probably have given me a newer dongle by now had I asked It appears that with some systems motherboards?

You have to do this by entering an AT command using the terminal emulator easybbox above Sebastian slovdahl wrote on I’ve been on for several hours at a time, but it always breaks down at some point. I’m using that version too.


GprsPlans: Huawei E Specifications

However, now it has reverted to the problem I found with the four Xubuntu and Ubuntu 9. Is this one a serious enough bug that we can make a case for an SRU? GSM modem 1-port converter now I have posted the bug and probably is a duplicate e220 this. Andy Whitcroft apw wrote on Jeremy Foshee jeremyfoshee on As part of my testing, I blacklisted the option module.

Updated my Huawei E FW to This may well be related to bugon that bug there is a suggested fix which I have applied to the karmic kernel and easyblx some kernels for testing.

For now, the only way I have network access is to revert to the 2. It’s actually merged by Linus in his tree at: My old E worked pretty out-of-the-box after a firmware upgrade but the E only showed up as USB storage. Huawei E and E 3G dongle do not work on karmic e2200 regression.

Huawei E and E 3G dongle do not work on karmic major regression Bug reported by Paul Sladen on Some questions to try help some users: