Cleaning the Machine Proper maintenance is important for the smooth operation of any equipment. The document feeder must be used for this feature. Quick Memory A feature which dials a facsimile telephone number Transmission immediately after the first document page is scanned. Set a fax number for the forwarding destination. Document Size Detection Table Maximum: Currently executing or queued print jobs are not recorded. If you are unsure, do not bid as no refunds will be given.

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Fax 4 Fax This chapter dcoucentre information about using the optional fax features, which are dependent on your machine configuration. If this does not remedy the problem, refer to Fault Clearance Procedure on page There is no surcharge for using credit card or any other payment methods How secure is Online for ordering?

Turn the power off, and then back on after the screen on the control panel is off.

When you use this feature, the width of the documents must be the same. Therefore, when the document is printed out by the recipient, the image may be reduced in size, or split across multiple pages. Specifying Destinations Address Book Use this feature to quickly search and enter registered destinations by selecting an entry from the list or doocucentre [Search by Index].

Transmission Report Configure the settings for printing report that shows the result of transmission. Focucentre Dialing A form of abbreviated dialing of a number by entering a 3-digit code.


Note that the specifications and the appearance of the product may change without prior notice. Configure DNS settings for the following situations: There is no surcharge for using credit card or any other payment methods.

Lighter Decreases the contrast level by one step. Location Of Warning And Caution Labels Safety Notes Location of warning and caution labels Always follow all warning instructions marked on or supplied with this product.

A communications protocol an agreement governing the way data is transmitted commonly used for sending and receiving e-mail.

Close the front cover. The appearance of the screen on your machine may differ slightly depending on the model and configuration.

Fuji Xerox DocuCentre 1085 User Manual

Our Privacy Policy contains information about how you can access and correct your personal information, how to make a complaint, and how we deal with complaints. The terms and conditions of docicentre online auctions may change from time to time. You can specify up to destinations at one time using Speed Dial, One Touch Dial, and the numeric keypad dialing.

When [Auto] is selected, the machine automatically detects the print language of the data received and interprets and prints the data correctly. Common Settings Common Settings Common Settings This screen allows you to configure or xocucentre the machine settings common to main features such as copy, fax, and scan to E-mail. Fax Settings Report Settings Use this feature to specify how reports are to be automatically printed.


DocuCentre CT 5. Page 11 Problem Solving Remove the jammed document slowly while holding the document feeder tray. Select The Features docycentre Fax Load documents face up into the document feeder or face down on the document glass.

Keep the minimum clearance as follows for ventilation. Make sure to remove the whole cartridge. Table of Contents Notification Tone Fax Features This can reduce transmission costs when the destinations are out of town or located in another country, 0185 you only need to send the document to the broadcasting machine.


Queue A temporary storage unit for jobs waiting to be processed. Glossary 13 Glossary This chapter contains a list of terms used docuccentre the User Guide.

This feature allows you to send a document after checking to hear the other party answers using line monitor. For details, contact our Customer Support Center. Even if docucebtre set the machine to print out reports automatically, they cannot be printed out when the memory is insufficient.