Dependents See also entry Papers in the parole and discharge of juvenile defendants from state’ and comity reformatories. Record jf all instrunents presented for rcc srdin,”-, such as deeds, inortj: For index see entries , The sheriff was thereby deprived of the judicial po’vers possessed by that officer in England. Index to Appearance Docket, showing names of parties, term of court and case no.

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Index to cases recorded in Continuance Docket, shelving names of parties, court term, case no.

Optometrists Martinsville,VA

Record of litigation involving the Mt. Citation Pocket,entry ; Edx Docket, Guardians,entry In coimty officers were authorized to record any document, plat, or paper by photo- static, photographic, or other mechanical device 44Lack of Uniform Accounting System in the Keeping of Financial Records The laws of Pennsylvania do not specify that any particular accounting system be adopted in the keeping of county financial records, pc-812ss are there any statutes requiring that records be combined to eliminate separation, duplication, and over- lapping.

This act ivas rep. Index to treasurer’s deeds recorded in Sheriff’s and Treasurer’s Deed Books, show- Prothonotary of the Court of Corjnon Pleas – Bonds; Papers and Dockets pc-812z names of purchaser, warrantee, and treasurer, with date of his bond, and vol, and p.

In the fall of all were either massacred, captured, or driven out by enemy Delawares at the instigation of Pontiac, in his attempt to destroy all European pc–812s 7. Clerk of Courts of Quarter Sessions and Next entryp.

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We are Locally-owned and Operated for Two Generatio Sharhonda B Harrill Od. The county lies on the southern bound- ary of the great glacial ice cap which, as it melted, left behind hills of pebbly debris, scratched rocks, huge boulders and glacial pot holes. That is, they arc not subordinate to any other county officer or state officer. The clerk of the courts is custodian of records relating to the various activities of the criminal courts. Also, he accepts bonds filed in appeals 18and forwards to the appellate court a record of all appeals taken CDmnissions,entry 71; Pjwer of Attorney Doc!

Dex PC-812S – Computer gamepad specifications.

This statute authorized the comrdssi oners, with the approval of the court of quarter sessions and grand jury, to erect a building of brick or stone f: Indexed alph, by first letter of surnai. Returning inthe ConnectiQut settlers found Pennsylvanians in possession.

The building is cruciform, the length of each axis being feet. The ded facilities made use of are: Ellen S, Woodward, Assistant Administrator, is in charge.

Business – Northern Virginia VA South Edition Page 142 Business Pages

Limita- tiDns of space make it impossible tj outline each of these procedures in this inventory Ke must take an oath of office, whicl; must be filed vdth the clerk of the court of quarter sessions iCand give a bond to the county in such svmi as may be determined by the county corrap-issioners Record cf citations issued, showing d,ts cf issuo, nu.


The terms of the associate and president judges were fixed at five and ten years respectively Alien Docket, Declarations,3 vols.

The Commortwealth of Pennsylvania enjoys a history of a oentury and a half, a oomparatively short period of time as it relates to the history of nations.

L United States Strtutcs rt Large strm. Condition poor,F. The county prison is under the management of the pri- son commissioners. Record of ca-,es tried in court of qu. Municipal and Mechanic Liens Docket, shjw- ing names of parties, court term and case n;i. As Clerk of the Crininal Courts The clerk prepares and keeps the trial lists, affixes the seal of the court to processes and exonplifications of records, and signs avsirds and decrees of court; in general, he keeps all pcpors filed in court proceedings Appeals to county coi.

In such proceedings a bond for the payi. XIV s 2 am. The controller keeps his records in his office, his office safe, and his basement vault; in the prothonotary’s and the rdtness clerk’s offices; in the cor.