Other than that that these were very good counterfeits with only very mimimal differences from the genuine Ping clubs. I checked this and they were right!! Anyone know how to get hold of a company with the web site wholesalegolfplace. I forgot to lis the site, http: Buy from TGW or other reputable online retailer. When you receive the bag, please open, deposit a large sum of cash and one of our representatives will meet you outside the mall cark park at precisely seven minutes before midnight on Tuesday week. I sent the clubs to Mizuno in Atlanta to have them checked.

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They are also somehow related to golfsales with an address Bartlett st.

Taylormade Rescue 11 fake or real?

Not looking forward to that. Counterfeit Head Cover Details Stitching on the lettering and branding will be of poor quality. The only reason I even attempted to buy clubs from them was because they were one of the only places that had a discontinued raylormade of irons TaylorMade Burner 2.

Thank You for your attention… Jeff. Just seems to good to be true.

I have just received a set of ladies cobra s3 max combo set. Easily the cheapest in the world, possibly cheaper than the cheapest. Costco would have profit through volume, not through mandated markups.


I really hope they are not fake. To me it read more like an advertisement than a worthy news story.

This was on the list. Since the clubs looked slightly off I compared them to real clubs at our local store. Let me tell you what! I repeat from previous posts, the world-wide web is awash with counterfeit clubs.

Wanna get rid of this ugly yellow box? I have bought several clubs from them and they seem legit. If it works for you buy it. Stop asking about reputeable sites! I just got the mp 52s by mizuno. They are both directly enabling these fraudulent operations as far as I can tell. We want you to get the most out of tsylormade money, time and performance.

pics of a fake r11 compared side by side to a genuine 1 – Deal or No Deal? – GolfWRX

I still use Ebay on golf items but instead of buying clubs, I started buying golf gift cards. Great items great price I got 2 for 1 woods on black friday. Today I refused the pkg and I will refute any charges he may apply. Go to a Roger Dunn or golf Galaxy get your clubs there. Just wanted ur opinion if these are safe or stay away from them.


pics of a fake r11 compared side by side to a genuine 1

He played with the club for few times as very bad and want to trade in with different club, but the Golfsmith taylormaade it, because the shaft is cheap and fake label.

Do not know what to believe … Find no complaints when I search on the Internet.

Prices are really low and was debating purchasing the Ping G20 irons but worried whether there fakes or not. Read it with a Chinese accent and the broken English, missing words and lack of appropriate use of plurals will become abundandtly clear — even for someone lacking in basic perception like yourself.

Their prices seem good but not outrageously so. China company, total rip. Remember, If is smells like a turd and looks like a turd, then vounterfeit probably is a turd so you had better not eat it. Why do these companies ship work and resources out of our domestic economy?