Because I am running proxmox 4. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Selecting Autonomous would enable P-State Control. Im having the same issue here on a DL Gen9, 2 days on this now trying various ways to get it to boot. After downloading, I’m going to try option 1 I gave in my previous post. I had tried “Slot7” as a “second” shot

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P-State can be controlled, but it requires working with two different settings depending on how you want to change things. Contact us about this article. Do you already have an account?

Did you open a case? The server has latest firmware and I tried unplug and plug the DVD rom, but no luck.

Configuration Replication Utility (CONREP)

All servers running Windows Server R2. Bios Replication with conrep utility.

This is not standard usage for a ProLiant so I am afraid you will only know through trial and error. Haven’t really used the tools under Windows, or WinPE; but see no reason why conrep wouldn’t work from within windows.

And this is where my doubts arise: I will pursue my goal. Jun 6, Messages: Here are the specs on the display panel: I am a computer science student, and recently bought my first server.


Bios Replication with conrep utility. – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

The direcotry that contains several server specific conrep files, are files required by the systems listed. I guess it would also be best to include the updated BIOS and firmware-images on the usb-stick or have it locally available on some kind of storage?

Now my final exams are over, I had some more time to work on this.

But what prolkant so far away, if someone is going to use an entrylevel server as homeserver for delevering Sat-TV over IP, serving some homepages and doing private mailservices As this is my first venture into the enterprise-class hardware, it has been quite a learning curve, but that’s why I started this journey in the first place!

Where pdoliant download the updated FW? Hi, In our very large organisation we have a private CA setup for all our internal web-interfaces security policy.

HP Proliant Support Pack for Proxmox , any advice? | Proxmox Support Forum

This is the exact problem I am having. I have same radid controller as user first posted and server is: All firmware is upto date as of now and still no joy Also, I attached the xml file – Thanks. I remember that particular SPP was the last one that would be freely available as well. I have searched the forums, and can’t seem to find any other solution for the RMRR problem, apart from the behind-the-paywall-solution for selected configurations, as HP apparently doesn’t care for pci-passthrough on kernel 4.


All three of course require I can adapt the conrep-solution to my gen6 proliant, or find another fix to exclude the slot from RMRR.

Hey Folks, maybe this is the better forum For the conrep output If that doesn’t work, I’d have to try managing individual PCI-slots on platform level myself, excluding the slot and by extent, the card for RMRR-based-memory-allocation. Discussion in ‘ Proxmox VE: Ah I forgot coneep the paywall.

Bay 9 is not supported for configuration by this version of controller firmware. Kind regards, and thanks for all the help here!