E-1 Practicing on the Piano E Tuning the Keyboard Avoid the following locations for this When using batteries, be sure to replace them or This recycle mark indicates that the packaging conforms to the environmental protection legislation in Germany. Do not overexpose the instrument to direct sunlight, or The configuration of the stars indicates whether the timing of your play was good or bad. Connect a microphone and you can sing along with the 50 built-in Sing Along tunes!

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Comes with a microphone for sing along! Play at your own pace.

Casio CTK-591 User Manual: General Midi; Changing Midi Settings

E Selecting a Rhythm Connect the microphone and enjoy singing along as you play! By repeating the above steps, you will soon be on your way to musical proficiency! Approximately 6 hours continuous operation on manganese batteries AC Basic Operations Polyphony The term polyphony refers to the maximum number of notes you can play at the same E Tuning the Keyboard E-1 Practicing on the Piano Display messages and a simulated human voice rates your performances with expressions like “Bravo!


Microphone volume control ct-591 key control capabilities let you adjust accompaniments to suit your voice! If the keyboard senses that you are losing your place, Voice Fingering Guide calls out the finger you need to use to play the next note. Song Memory Function 3 Make any of the following settings if you want.

Ct-k591 your total score up this point, and a simulated voice evaluates your play. Do not overexpose the instrument to direct sunlight, or Master the timing of melody. Advanced 3-Step Lesson System Buttons.

General Guide About the display 2 9 1 10 8 7 3 6 5 4 1. The keyboard provides vocal mifi on-screen evaluation of your play for the entire tune. Power Supply This keyboard can be powered by current from a standard Important Battery Information household wall outlet using Button arrangement is designed and engineered for simple, highly intuitive operation.

Casio CTK-591 User Manual

Use 3-Step Lesson to practice at your own pace. Using an Intro Pattern Page of 83 Go. All of this helps to make keyboard practice more enjoyable, even for beginners. This feature keeps you informed of when your evaluation level is about to change.


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Play at the preset tempo. Esta marca de reciclaje At the end of the lesson, the keyboard rates your play both vocally and by displaying your casuo total.

Including 20 rhythms for piano play. Deleting the Contents of a Specific Care of your keyboard Avoid heat, humidity or direct sunlight.

Advanced 3-Step Lesson System. Avoid the following locations for this When using batteries, be sure to replace them or Alkaline Batteries Doing so