International technical support is provided by a Captaris Partner in each country and hours of support will vary. The Customer Information page appears. Workflow s Library Table of Contents Intro Technical support is offered for the currently shipping release as well as for the two 2 previous releases. ALM Licensing page The product site code generated by the ALM that appears in the Site Code box is unique to the computer where Alchemy Server is installed and cannot be used to license Alchemy products or product extensions on another computer. Reseller support services are provided locally by your distributor or master VAR.

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Help with Linked Server via ODBC

This is on a space available basis to scheduled courses and does not include travel, expenses or books. Notes are used for clarifications, or in odnc cases, to qualify important points. And, it s easy to deploy across all departments with anywhere from one to thousands of users. Workflow s Library Table of Contents Intro The ALM displays a message box that informs you that the day trial license period has been activated.

After you have collected this information, call Captaris Technical Support at The Alchemy License Generator Web page appears. Select the appropriate language from the capharis list.


Alchemy Install & Licensing Guide

The Choose Destination Location Page appears. The ALG will search the database for the site code that matches the one you entered, correct the email address and email your license number to you. In the Currently installed programs list, select the Alchemy product installation you want to modify. Modifying an installation adds installs or removes uninstalls Alchemy components from your computer.

Alchemy Install & Licensing Guide |

On the target computer, select the following options on the Transfer license page: Click Yes, to automatically upgrade your client applications. This guide contains proprietary information protected by copyright.

This is a Tip: The default maximum is equal to the number of processors installed on the server machine. Group name Type the name of the security group faptaris which the administrator assigned you.

Ivanna Noh Posted 11 years ago Typical users are deploying their first Alchemy database the same day as installation. Click Yes to continue.

It’s perfect for small enterprises and departments within medium or large companies. In the Available Groups list, select captaeis domain or local group that will be used for administrative access to the Alchemy Server service and click OK. Single-user mode allows only exclusive searching, that is, only one user at a time can search a database.


Click OK to transfer the selected license aalchemy from the source computer to the floppy disk. When you receive your licensing email, enter the license number from the email into the License Number field on the Web Licensing Server dialog box for your Alchemy product and click Finish.

Alchemy Administrator Release 8.0 User Guide

Menu and dialog box options, including buttons, appear in bold as depicted in the application. Exchange Message Journaling for Microsoft Exchange does not require any additional service packs. Citrx EdgeSight for Load Testing 2. Numbers greater than or equal to five are rounded up captarie the next number. Technical Support Our hours are 6 A.

Alchemy License Manager 3. By not indexing these common words, the index is smaller and retrieval is faster.

If the Alchemy Server Administrator group is a local group rather than a domain group, you cannot add the group as a whole to the Power Users group. To uninstall Alchemy components: Following installation, a message appears informing you that the installation completed successfully.