Excellent resolution quality – x dpi optical resolution,. Page 43 of ” Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. As a conclusion of the test, the map server is considered capable in handling the different user requirements. Page 12 of ” Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. It has been classified as below: Internet, broadband, and cell phone statistics Internet, broadband, and cell phone statistics By: This combination of layers will be saved as Map.

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SnapScan p captures impressively sharp images from photos, artwork, magazines or books up to A4 size It made the manually chart work became sophisticated. Flatbed color image scanner, One-pass scanning. As we know, the shape of globe is wider at both poles, the curve 810 on poles are more than khatulistiwa Figure 5. This application is mainly for geometry data in the form of polylines, such as contour lines, coastlines and roads.

GTCO CalComp ScanPlus III S3-810 – roll scanner

To plan the route surrounding coastlines when reaching port. Using the network analyses, user able to plan speed and period of navigation in short time. Online E-mail and Web task Guide.


The electronic chart provides an enabling tool for building a comprehensive GIS enabled database for the oceanic and coastal domain. Agfa Color management software. Page 91 of ” Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Published on Jan View 1. Page 69 of ” Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Users able to search the chart by filling in the chart code or selecting the state that consists related charts.

Page 70 of ” Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd.

Cal Comp Scan + Plus III C Scanner

For the Autodesk MapGuide Server, there are some values have to be defined in the properties wizard such as setting a new path for the source of data, setting a password for security of project and others. Page 8 of ” Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Ontario, CA Contact Person: Maps are a visual representation of the surface of the earth and where things are They can show roads, mountain and More information. Despite that, the normal value used for nautical miles applications is 1, meters for 1 nm.

Pertolan chart were the result of compass survey Inthe charts were produced with more detail information and accurate whereas they are far less decorative.

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Can optimize and enhance photos like a. Graphic extent ,, system BoxHolon URL: Result of the test.


These three pages are registration, feedback and also the authorization. Scale Scaling lat N ENC S also a kind of data for digital nautical chart in the form of vector format. Maritime People credited with this unit standard More information. Page 14 of ” Alonex Electronic Engineering Ltd. Fujitsu, HP, and Canon.

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All the answers With navigation at the very heart of your dayto-day business, you need one supplier who has all More information. In this phase, there are some steps. It is scanplis the raster charts are made up of cells or pixel. The designing of the Web application for this research has been discussed in two kinds of development, which are development of dynamic map and development of interactive query.