If you’re on a Mac, you’ll need to fire up Finder, type Apple-K and then enter smb: In the PC world, not sure! Add us to iTunes. Pwnin the BT Home Hub”. Message 8 of I either have to turn on whichever PC has the video stored on it to stream it or put the video on a flash drive and use that in the Pi.

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Ryan Hasselbach via Flickr. Switch off Smart Setup God only knows why BT thought it would be a good idea to direct you to a page all about your broadband account and its associated products when you first connect a new device to the Home Hub 5, but that’s exactly what Smart Setup does. I either have to turn on whichever PC has the video stored on it to stream it or put the video on a flash drive and use that in the Pi. There’s been discussion in the Home Hub forum about printer sharing.

Originally Posted by merkland. This thread is from BT’s own forum.

Updated from time to time, article may not show latest. It’s perfect for networked streaming of media, or for creating a local, networked backup of multiple device’s files.


BT Smart Hub

They don’t come cheap though, so we wouldn’t recommend picking one up unless you really needed one. Sign up using Facebook.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Thanks Rob If you are using Windows you do not need to use “freeware” to format a drive.

BT Home Hub 5 Tips and Tricks | Gizmodo UK

We’ve also heard from Paul Wilson on this subject, but with less positive results: You need to remove the transcript of your online chat. This site uses cookies. Message bthomehhb of Add us to iTunes. It should then appear on your browsing network, but if you’ve any problems you can locate it manually, too.

Apologies and thanks for uxb me know. PPP authentication is locked on the BT firmware. PC has been off for over two hours and still the music plays In the PC world, not sure! We have a number of other pages offering help and advice on the Home Hub: You can paraphrase if you want. Welcome to the community. Click Connect and you should be good to go.


Note that connecting items like webcams directly to the Home Hub is unlikely to work, btthomehub it’s not possible to install device drivers directly onto the Home Hub.

The “Unofficial Guide to the Home Hub” is a free downloadable audio file, helping with many setup and config issues. Retrieved 2 June Samba is the Linux implementation of that protocol and enables Windows and Linux clients to exchange information over the network.

It’s well annoying, and can even prevent some devices particularly Internet of Things products from connecting to the internet altogether.

It supports the Message 10 of Email Required, but never shown. The HTPC can see and connect to this just fine, at smb: