Originally Posted by jeffharris I don’t think I’ll ever recover. I know there is windowed mode in IL2 but Theatre of War doesnt have one -w and -window does not work. My early iMac is never going to officially support Windows 8, and I doubt ATI will release some nice new drivers for the x Posted on Feb 20, 5: Any early iMac users know a way through this? Snow Leopard’s Boot Camp 3.

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In the meantime, it is possible to get everything working on Windows 7, and that’s what I currently have installed. Reply 20 of This can be but is not always tied to lowering the screen resolution c1600 some accessibility programs.

Ah well, I have one of those machines, it runs great with Snow Leopard and I virtualize XP and that runs great, so I don’t care Atl again, it could a carrot to lure us laggards that won’t upgrade their machines every few years to actually do the upgrade that we wanted, but always seemed to put off Oh wait, I forgot there could be another reason.

Any early iMac bootczmp know a way through this?

One alternative may be to uninstall the ccc and install ati tray tools from guru3d. User profile for user: ATI and nVidia just won’t update 3-year-old graphics chip drivers for graphic cards they discontinued 2 years ago for Windows 7. I purchased my copy of PF of tradme.


Apple’s Boot Camp will not support Windows 7 on some 2006 Macs

Reply 8 of Wait for Windows 8 support to become available. Because of how Boot Camp works, the only reason specific Mac models would not be supported is because compatible drivers 1×600 not available.

As I wrote earlier, I’m having the exact same problem in 7 as I had in Windows 8. Looking at my own CCC, there are options for rotation.

October 22, 7: I’ve used it before, for gaming and all. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. Reply 19 of If you want to start in windowed mode, use the configuration application.

Get the latest ATI drivers for x1600 mobile for mbp/imac!

All replies Drop Down menu. No control center or anything.

According to the announcement, a series of Mac models “will not be supported for use with Windows 7 using Boot Camp,” specifically: Is there a way to force IL2 into windowed mode through the command line in the shortcut? While Windows 8 is listed in that drop down, clicking on it returns no results. Reply 14 of May not be the newest driver, but way better than the Basic Display Driver.


I’m just having trouble with getting this driver. I got it sussed! The options to select are greyed out for me, but it is on ‘Standard Landscape 0 degrees’. Thankfully I’m fresh out of razor blades and sleeping pills!

Feb 26, See the Microsoft Knowledge Base for more information.

Windows 8 does not detect ATI X card.… – Apple Community

Reply 16 of Below this there is a drop down menu for ‘rotation’. The only other common thread between these machines is that they all originally shipped with either no or disabled support for Either could a move to cut support costs, since those users nootcamp paying for support anymore and they have to update the drivers, or they simply decided that Windows 7 performance was mediocre on these machines. All obotcamp MacBook Pro’s had: