My anal side, not dominant at all in normal life kicks in with a wonderful selection like this- I feel the need to pop in chassis numbers where I can- but I am going to resist given the time required to do so! Business end of the Tornado 2 Chev in the Longford paddock. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Matich and Stillwell were intensely competitive, driven, successful men- they had far more in common i suspect than not, especially in terms of mindset and will to win. When Jack started his climb to the top in Europe he returned and raced in Australia each summer, bringing a Cooper with him and racing it successfully, then selling the car to one of the locals before returning to Europe. The Stillwell Motor Group was a family business from the start. Brabham had a successful fortnight during his short summer of Australian racing tour, three races from three winning the Longford Trophy and Light Car Club of Tasmania Trophy on 5 and 7 March at Longford the week before.

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Stillwell opened an automotive dealership selling MGs in and subsequently obtained a Jaguar franchise. With this he pursued Gold Star success in a year of speed, consistency, good preparation and perseverance- at twelve rounds it was the longest ever Gold Star championship.

Bruce Richardson confirms the chassis was acquired from Lotus, and therefore is not one of the unaccounted for Lotus 19 chassis- there are about four of these chassis on the TNF list. Rear of the spaceframe chassis apparent. The battles between the pair were absorbing, Matich very quickly got on the pace of the big 2.

McKay won, Cutler came in second.

Jack and Bib swapping notes Longford in Businesspeople from Melbourne births deaths Tasman Series drivers Australian stillwelll drivers Racing drivers from Melbourne. With the new 1.


Not the Australian Tourist Trophy but the 19B late in its life in early after a change of Total livery, from light blue to white, here, again at Homestead Corner, Warwick Farm Ellacott. Moss, not involved in the commercial aspects of the deal at all, righted the wrongs with a financial adjustment in favour of the Sydneysider. Longford Trophy and Tornados; https: Almost a rear view — note the missing engine cover to cope with the heat.

This car does sound just like an F, imagine that in !

Bib Stillwell & The Stillwell Motor Group

Various sources suggest not Bell or Miller that the car may have been damaged further after the accident for insurance purposes. Having debuted as a riding mechanic with Alfieri Maserati in the Targa Florio and subsequently being riding mechanic in thirteen Mille Miglias as well as the 12 Hour of Pescara, it has always saddened me that he should die in as a passenger to an American during a trial drive of a modern Maserati. Werrangourt Archive… on Surtees: Visit us at www.

By the way, they are in the original starting line area, on The Flying Mile, just a way back from Mountford Corner, clearly Bob Young stuck to this part of the track and the paddock- to the right of the racing cars.

Shelly was passed by Palmer with 3 laps to go with Matich left out on the circuit with an inoperative throttle, and John Youl also passing Shelly. Brabham had a successful fortnight during his short summer of Australian racing tour, three races from three winning the Longford Trophy and Light Car Club of Tasmania Trophy on 5 and 7 March at Longford the week before.

There he ran ahead of the locals before suffering crown wheel and pinion failure on lap 4.

Bib Stillwell (AUS) – All Results – Racing Sports Cars

This photograph is taken during practice — the race was held on a hot day and the Cooper was denuded of much of its rear body work in an endeavour to keep the driver cool. D on its timing cover. But he made his own luck in that his cars were always beautifully prepared and driven very fast with mechanical sympathy- he finished races where others did not.


See the links at the articles end to view some of them. Its up there with the Bugatti T35 and Maserati F as the best of competitive tools for the privateer which could be acquired off-the-shelf.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

All Results of Bib Stillwell

Its said that tsillwell 19 was the first car Stirling drove after recovery from his Spa Lotus 18 accident. Bill Patterson dominated the race from the start in another T51 before fuel vaporisation problems caused multiple stops.

The family has been recognized with many Business awards including Australian Family Business of the Year. Hewland HD5 gearboxes were used in the main Colotti in the BT4 and rack and pinion steering completed the package with the cars clad in a slippery fibreglass body.

That beautiful, clever beastie to the left is Tornado 2 Chevfacing yellow Cooper in the background is Aussie Millers T Sincethe Stillwell Family Board has overseen Stillwell Family investment decisions and governance, while the Stillwell Motor Group Board, which has extensive experience in automotive and other industries, has focused solely on operational issues and bi performance. The front and rear body sections were hinged for ease of access with two horizontal doors for driver and passenger!