The other benefit touted for this group is social interaction. My First Performance With the Beamz software installed and the controller connected to the USB port on a computer or via Bluetooth to a tablet, you are ready to begin to make music. The Tactile Buttons The tactile buttons on the Beamz controller are listed below: Music has the ability to stimulate people to talk, share stories associated with songs, remember things from their past, and the like. This is one of the situations where the Beamz can become a valuable tool that staff members can use to stimulate physical activity and social interactions.

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Physical Description The hardware component of the Beamz music system is a controller made of lightweight, sturdy plastic, shaped somewhat like the uppercase print letter W. They include a wide variety of genres: Download the free AccessWorld app. Additional genres available on their website include: The beams on the right side of the controller produced a piano solo and a one-beat drum fill.

Sighted assistance will be needed during the installation and set-up process. Interrupting the lower beam produced the sound of an organ solo.

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AccessWorld is a trademark of the American Foundation for the Blind. This is why I wanted to write this article for the holiday issue of AccessWorld. Beamz Interactive Music System reviews. When presented with the 77 box asking for the driver location, do not proceed with the automatic search option.

See any errors on this page? The wimdows operation of the system is accessible to people who are blind or have low vision. The center section of the base has eight tactile control buttons discussed below.


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Though the basic operation of the system is accessible to people who have visual impairments, currently eindows Beamz has more potential for parents, families, teachers, therapists, and other service providers than for independent use by individuals who are visually impaired. Accessibility Though the basic operation of the beqmz is accessible to people who have visual impairments, currently the Beamz has more potential for parents, families, teachers, therapists, and other service providers than for independent use by individuals who are visually impaired.

The Beamz for Therapy and Education The Beamz is a great tool for getting people to move and interact with music and sounds. This is not very practical, but the manufacturer is wineows to improve this part of the experience. Photo of the Beamz Package Contents The Beamz box contains the controller unit packaged in semi-rigid, form-fitting foam.

I am not sure how much enjoyment others may receive from my creations, so using the system to perform for bemaz may take some additional time and practice. Howard noted in her comments.

You can play solo and compose music, or jam out with other musicians. The parents loved it, because everyone could have fun with the Beamz, it was exciting for everybody, and the parents started coming up with additional ideas of how to use the Beamz as a learning tool and as a fun tool.

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Reviews 0 Write a review. A unique musical instrument with six lasers Fun for all ages, great for beginners and advanced musicians No AC adapter needed, gets power from the USB port Break the beam for an instant to trigger a single note, block the beam longer to play several notes A large variety of sounds, instruments, songs, and styles Easily record your performance, playback, and share your recordings with the included software Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.


This process is not fully accessible, but the manufacturer is in the process of addressing that issue. You can even share your recordings with friends.

The parallel beams are about 4. Beamz Interactive Music System overview. However, sighted assistance is currently needed for setting up the system and accessing some of the software and online resources.

We took turns passing the Beamz around, helping the children hand-over-hand at first to produce some music. The bottom of the screen displays eight icons representing the eight buttons on the Beamz windowa and five additional icons for controlling the Beamz software.

Each post is separated by approximately 8.

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Touch windowx Windows key window pane iconselect the Search function the magnifying glass iconthen type Device Manager in search bar. This was my favorite part of using the Beamz. When you hold your hand in front of one of the laser beams, a musical note is triggered and played by the computer.

These movements can be part of a physical therapy regimen or simply just movements for flexibility and fun.