Maya44 and Cubase 5. The outputs of the card were connected to its inputs with a 20cm Proel’s microphone cable with gold-plated connectors. Posted Mon 07 Jun 10 On the other hand, you don’t have to overpay for unnecessary software. I just test it. It is not obligatory for a professional card to work correctly in applications it is not meant for.

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The tracks were played synchronously. Posted Mon 24 May 10 4: This feature works only when you don’t select ASIO.

The Audio Devices section in the Control Panel has received 4 new devices: Posted Thu 03 Jun 10 We found no problems or compatibility errors! However, quick reswitching wasn’t so necessary, because it was clear that the compositions played on the SB Live!

I don’t want to use ASIO. Finally we coupled the composition with the GigaStudio played tools – but may4a4 didn’t confuse the card. On the other hand, it is hardly so necessary at home.

ESI – Product Archive: MAYA44

Maya44 and Cubase 5. They only help you with stupid advices. All of them, operate with Windows XP or Vista.


It allows redirecting an audio signal from any virtual outputs to any virtual inputs on a software level, i. The Maya44 copes excellently with recording of a guitar and a signal from an external synthesizer. The DirectWIRE also allows recording sound from a WMA file, which is impossible in usual conditions any attempt to output WMA files to a digital-out fails, as well as their direct recording onto a audkotrak drive.

By the way, the drivers of the SB Live!

If you ask for help, from ESI I instal windows 7 64 bit and I have a problem with the ESI maya So pitty, I gave them my audiorrak in the past. Accessories and drivers The set of accessories follows the principle of minimalism: Maya44 and DirectSound Any professional card takes tests with applications using DirectSound, especially games, quite painfully.


The virtual tools with the sound tracks and the sound of the MS DirectMusic GM software synthesizer played flawlessly. Conclusion The Audiotrak Maya44 is a high-quality professional sound card. Very good in detail The THD level has fallen down 4 times.


Erm what happens audiofrak you select 4. After that we added into the composition two DirectX tools: The new drivers also take about KBytes. I have maya 44 and is working very nice with w7 I got mayas since win xp and always the best easy to use sound card for me. For example, apart from a coaxial output the card has an optical digital one specially for users of MD players.

The updated drivers have the following panel: You have some other compatibility problem. Frequency response 40 Hz – 15 kHzdB Very good in detail On the whole, the results are quite good, especially audiorak into account the price.

Well, the Maya44 is perfectly prepared for operation in the WinXP.