Feb 6, at 3: Since I only use front stereo, this is not an issue for me. Have you looked for bug reports? April 8, at Has anyone tested version 1.

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October 22, at Even off the live CD desktop dssence, the card worked just as it should, with the options that it was supposed to offer. What is more important for me is the bit bit depth since that usually results in less signal noise being introduced into the audio signal — especially if the source is bit.

Supported DACs

Thanks to Mark and all esswnce staff. Simply select the profile you want from the dropdown list. November 5, at Low volume levels are okay, but any volume level above low-mid range makes background hiss appear. Personally, I reboot after doing this yes, rebooting is a bad Windows habit. These values were obtained by experimenting with the Audacious player.

Bit Perfect Audio from Linux | Page 8 | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

Does your server has a sound card? True bit kHz audio playback. As for myself, here are my reasons:. I’m a ubuntu user.


Bit Perfect Audio from Linux

In fact, when testing low-end earphones, there is almost no audio difference between the ALC and the Xonar DX xpnar the audio gear is the limiting factor. If connecting the audio outputs from multiple computers to an external receiver, use a separate audio isolator for each computer. Simply install it in the system and boot. May 6, at I value the card itself, and it delivers where it counts.

I have two hunches as to the source of the problem. January 10, at October 20, at March 16, at It does not matter. With these three options, you can kne up three audio sources on this one card. The information updates each second to see kind of playback the Xonar DX is performing at the hardware level.

This card delivers as both a high-end audiophile card and a high-end card for recording. Bumped the mouse cursor? It makes management easier by not essencw to wade through different sound card details. The Xonar DX will work in Linux whether onboard audio is enabled or not.


Experience Better Sound in Linux with the Asus Xonar DX Sound Card | Delightly Linux

Of course, the source material plays a major role, but having hardware that natively supports it is vital. Feb 6, at 3: By changing these values, we can force PulseAudio to use a specific bit depth and rate for everything. I’m running on Version 1.

Noise levels are lower at a higher bit depth, and bit kHz produces good results in the noise level area. And its UI is very tweakable. Sure, we can perform audio tests and show graphs, but the final decision is by how well it sounds and how well it plays with Linux. Catering to both enthusiasts and businesses alike; from desktop gaming to professional workstations, and all the supporting software.