English Version R1. Financial Report Andor’s Financial Report. The Sona platform makes its debut with Sona 4. Application Note – Use of spinning disk confocal microscopy to reveal chromosome spindle attachments Application Note – Use of spinning disk confocal microscopy to reveal chromosome spindle attachments. The Marana platform makes its debute with Marana 4. The iKon-XL VLA is purpose-designed to suit the long-exposure, remote operation needs of astrophysical surveys that have, until now, been heavily reliant on more conventional cooled CCD technologies.

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Unless all of your control apps and proprietary code are compiled with bit libraries, this download is proper for Windows on x86 and x64 computers. Product Type Please Select Product Model Please Select Our requirement was for large-format, deep depletion CCDs but we were unaware of any manufacturer offering these andof.

This ensures that on-sample view of view and full resolution are delivered. Products Materials science Very-low resistance measurements Systems to measure physical properties Magnetometers Magnetic field platform Nanoindenters – Nanohardness tester Photo lithography systems Systems for solar cell characterization Particle size analyzer Furnace for crystal ccdd Langmuir-Blodgett systems Dip coater Spin coater Flexus thin film stress measurement systems FP profiler for large format samples Spectroscopic ellipsometers QCM-D Quartz Crystal Microbalance Spectroscopy Hyperspectral cameras Hyperspectral remote sensing systems Hyperspectral systems Andro Spectroscopic ellipsometers Cvd and detectors for time-resolved spectroscopy and imaging UV-NIR Spectroradiometer Carbon nanotubes Detectors for modular spectroscopy Imaging spectrographs Modular optical spectroscopy FTIR accessories: Andor iDus InGaAs array series provide the most compact and optimized research-grade platform for Spectroscopy applications up to either 1.


Drivers and Downloads Here you can obtain access to freely available driver packs and downloads, restricted material such as software and product manuals via MyAndor loginand customer-generated content from our File Exchange programme.

Our products enable routine measurements of light down to a single photon and capture events occurring qndor one billionth of a second.

Cooling down to 45oC below ambient results in a low dark current contribution. Resonance Raman spectroscopy to andkr bacteria, and potential for future planetary missions. We are a leading European distributor of high-quality scientific instruments and components. The x array and Mega-pixel sensor now available. Imaris Gatefold Brochure Overview of all Imaris modules.

Flexible laser-based and laser-free imaging solutions for Microscopy. Apogee Ascom Driver v5.

Andor iDus Spectroscopy CCD & InGaAs Cameras | Andor – Andor – Oxford Instruments

Financial Report Andor’s Financial Report. Imaris Vantage Flyer 2 pg Imaris Vantage flyer.

It harnesses megapixel resolution xspeed and a robust USB 2. Imaris Cell 2 pg Imaris Cell flyer. Quantitative monitoring of biphasic reactions using flow systems by Raman spectroscopy. ancor


Andor custom-built CCD cameras power new search for ‘super-Earths’

Micropoint Micropoint galvo driver for Bioimaging software packages. Please refer to our Apogee Camera Installation Guide for more details. Spatially resolved spectroscopy on trapped excitons.

Further Information Read more Read less. Micromanager Spectroscopy Plugin Version 1. Kymera i Declaration of Conformity Declaration of conformity for the Kymera i. Photostimulation Portfolio Photostimulation describes a rapidly evolving range of optical techniques with an increasing impact on scientific enquiry and experimentation.

NGTS will search a sky area more than 16 times greater than Kepler, covering many more bright stars, to find planetary systems that are suitable for follow up with larger telescopes such as VLT or, when it arrives, ELT. Sona is the ideal camera for extracting the best performance from modern microscopes. A new concept to search for the carriers of the diffuse interstellar bands.

Specifications Read more Read less. Does NOT work on Windows 7.

How to handle files generated by Fusion. Solis bit Brochure Solis bit Brochure. Sensitivity of CCD cameras.