Thats just their “retail price”. One Laptop per Child. Tue Feb 07, 9: Ender of Threads Registered: Sure, No, I don’t plan to buy one any time soon, but it’s nice to know the athlon xp is still alive.

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Thu Feb 09, However, it was reported that the specific design team for Geode processors in Longmont, Coloradohas been closed, and 75 employees are being relocated to the new development facility in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Feb 13, Posts: Tue Feb 14, 2: Fri Feb 10, 3: According to AMD’s web site, there are several different geode processors. Oct 3, Posts: Look around for used parts Or any of the lower models, for that matter?

Views Read Edit View history. Tue Feb 07, 9: Thats just their “retail price”.

AMD Geode NX GHz (ANXSFXC3M) Processor | eBay

Geode GX and LX processors are typically found in devices such as thin clients and industrial control systems. Winston Salem, NC Registered: Geode processors tightly integrate some of the functions normally provided by a separate chipsetsuch as the northbridge. Yeah, there’s a question, where can one actually find a Geode NX?


I am guessing that the geode nx is simply a rebranded athlon xp. Retrieved from ” https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

LX brought many improvements, such as higher speed DDR, a re-designed instruction pipe, and a more powerful display controller.

It is expected that the Geode line of processors will be updated less frequently due to the closure of the Geode design center.

Oct 5, Posts: Nov 29, Posts: Tue Feb 07, You could probably build a Socket A setup for cheaper than that, and end up with a better performing machine. There are no official references to this processor except officials explaining that the batch of CPUs ame “being shipped to specific customers”, though it is clear it has no relation with the other Geode NX CPUs other than sharing the same CPU socket Socket A.

Pavv Ars Praefectus Tribus: Advanced Micro Devices a,d microprocessors Embedded microprocessors. However, they have come under competitive pressure from VIA on the x86 side, and ARM processors from various vendors taking much of the low-end business.


what is a amd geode nx ? – Ars Technica OpenForum

AMD expanded the Geode series to two classes of processor: I was sad when the powerful, yet cheap athlon went out of production. Early x86 bit Am But still, it is quite nice to know that the ol’ K7 is still around in some form.

Wed Feb 08, 8: AMD bought the Geode business from National in August to augment its existing line of embedded x86 processor products. As it stands though, that machine probably won’t make a very good gaming setup.