I’ve just had an issue with a relatively fresh install of 8. I was editing my post when you replied so you would have missed No. For now I’ll uninstall my ESET and try a system restore, but it’s a real shame that all driver development seems to have stopped for the Alphatrack. The AlphaTrack seems to have a scribble strip so you can see which track you are working on, but it seems to be a blind process with the Faderport. In AZ Controller everything is re-programmable. Also this plug-in in universal, it is the same for any device. Yep, got it going now, found something on the Sonar forum.

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Thanks in Advance Ah, Glad to hear it! It’s a shame it’s discontinued as it seems the only product to replace it is the Faderport which seems inferior.

My Faderport is not working at all with sonar and windows Was working good for me till upgrade to Win10 Pro. Just wondering, how noisy is the fader?

Frontier AlphaTrack vs Faderport and Win 10 support

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Thanks for the info. Sometimes it is very responsive, but other times I need to click everything twice to alphatrak what I want e.

Frontier Alphatrack in Windows – Cockos Incorporated Forums

Thanks, glad to know it’s possible. I’ve seen the following trick from Zephyrus: That is not Sonar and my plug-in specific, so you can look for general information where to get the driver and how to troubleshoot the installation including official Faderport support, it is still current product. With that new lease on life, as it were, the AT still a pretty cool device, even if discontinued, and I highly recommend it if you’re on the fence!

Some issues have been down to user stupidness, but I have a couple issues that maybe other AlphaTrack users can advise with or Azslow3 might be able to advise. Had it working in windows 10 before I upgraded my system to windows 10 pro. Just needs a search on the web. Anyone else have this issue? I’ll try and check later if I did or not. Thanks for the replies.

I don’t think you actually have an AlphTrack so may not be able to comment on that. Frontier Designs’ Alphatrack is the Faderport’s main competition roughly same functionality and price range.


Send a private message to Shippo. Faderport working perfectly in win10 here. Send a private message to Leopold. It’s done pretty well for that, especially since Azslow brought it back from the alhpatrack I probably have to put it down to being old hardware with ageing drivers: Might be worth a try.

KingsMix Max Aalphatrack Level: Clearly we’re up to 5r4b Find More Posts by musicbynumbers. Also, how does it compare to the Faderport? It was all working fine, so Winrows am assuming a bloody Windows update has changed something or some other conflict with a plugin.

I’m not looking for an instant remedy but some sort of response saying that it would be coming in the future could influence my buying decision. Or what steps did you take within Sonar settings to get it going?