There is a complete manual for HD24Tools in PDF and online formats that can also be viewed and downloaded at the web site mentioned above. This may be of some help to you. I just re-read your post. Look especially at the connection between the Centronics and the 4 lead power plug which plugs into the IDE drive. GS May 09, Joanne Adams February 13, Are you using the HD24tools 0.

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Hmm, what metaphor do we go with here? In Control Panel, select Network and Sharing Center, Ethernet connection, select properties and change the speed from auto negotiate to alssis full duplex.

I wish that Alesis had replaced it with a more modern model say with solid state drives, but I guess they couldn’t make a business case for it somehow. Neil Howard February 15, Universal Audio has been refreshing its line-up of Apollo interfaces over the firrport few years, and now the Apollo Twin compact desktop interface [Tape Op ] gets what UA is calling a A 4- min sec long track song took 1m40s to transfer to my internal IDE drive on a dual 1.


That probably happened and maybe something got shorted out on the board. Joanne- I sent you some information on 17Dec16, I hope that this helps.

How does this make you feel? What do you think?

It is called HD24Tools and is available at http: The Orion32 is a prime example. I am using the same PC hardware I used last year: You should not get any red light, but you should get a solid green light. Drivers were updated – NO rollback option. I just re-read your post. It was even faster going to a FireWire drive connected to the second port on the FirePort. This could be because the Fireport has a loose or faulty power connection itself, or the Fireport has some kind of internal power fault.

Whether I start the HD24 connect first or last in this procedure as admin same thing.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Looks like if you have patience, it works fine. Jack McQuade January 09, firepodt Do your drives spin up, even if you are not connected to your PC? I am assuming it is the software vs.

And really, it’s the most “analog” sounding USB audio interface I’ve heard! I guess the firepodt is just too old. These were listed on the HD24Tools site in their hardware list.


Alesis Fireport FireWire Interface for Hd24 or Hd24xr | eBay

The combination of extreme speed and the ability to carry a hard drive brick instead of the whole recorder to transfer tracks makes this a must have for me. I have only tried entire folders. If you send me an email, I would be happy to share a write-up of how to record and handle audio files produced on the Alesis HD Rollie- The HD24 hard disk and your computer hard disk have completely different file formats, so they are not mutually compatible.

Most notably, the Mac version lets you transfer multiple songs at once, unlike the PC version; and the PC let’s you have multiple FirePorts, unlike the Mac.

Jack McQuade December 19, Jack McQuade February 12, Yes, you can still buy IDE hard drives. No luck there either.