Select all System X32, Pentium M 2. The wireles card was in the bottom, and the USB card was on the top slot. Both were no name- cheap cards but worked fine. The only flush-mounted USB 2. Thus I conclude that these markings are irrelevant.

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They have Dells and HP notebooks that usually die iafter 2 or 3 years. In one experiment, I thought I observed CardBus throughput exceed memory throughput!

There’s too much risk of damage or loss of dongle, which was why modem and network cards eventually went X-Jack and flush for Type III slots. Performance, hardware, software, general buying and gaming discussion. I read many bbc168, found around English language Web, that Ricoh CardBus bridges are gimped, limited, cheap or lousy, while TI’s chips are so much superior. Which is faster than a deluded Apple fan’s beloved FireWire in even theory, never mind in practice.

I won two of these laptops on eBay Both stuck about an inch.

It does not require a AC power supply. This was a common misconception of multiple Mac fanatics.

ake usb cardbus bc user manul | John C Bullas –

I would not get hung up on brand names, most cards are made by the same manufacturer. I found some which were backward or endian-reversed, some with zero subsystem ID, some where sub Vendor and Device were swapped, and I saw one device where VID: Does anyone know of a source for obtaining the recommended OEM 20v 2.


Both were no name- cheap cards but worked fine. In that system, time seemed to slow down: T61 – CTO – T – I wonder whether some laptops simply have a slower PCI bus. I am thinking that I need a flush-fitting USB 2. It can be a laptop you Adding extra USB ports e. The only flush-mounted USB 2.

As part of my hobby of sharing knowledge and discussing geeky computer-related stuff, I will convey my findings in a multi-part story. Nothing sticking out, no power cords, very neat.

PCMCIA to 2 Port USB 2.0 Card Bus Inside Hide FR Laptop AKE Bc168

While only the rightmost one has the official CardBus gold strip and 8 studs, all three are bit cards. The latter is provided to pull power from an existing built-in USB port on the machine into a DC-5V input socket on the card, in case you need to connect peripherals requiring more power aie the CardBus interface can provide.

Since the typical scenario would be to plug the card into the machine and never take it out, one might ignore the potential extraction difficulty. However, a recent attempt to use this with the newer Seagate external 2. All pictures can be clicked for larger versions. I am planning to use USB2. For my testing I had one NEC-based card, and two VIA-based ones, and while all three looked different see picturetheir characteristics stayed similar.


My “tech savvy” Scouts are amazed that I have an 8 year old notebook computer that still works. Be careful not to damage the USB port housing, which is made out very flimsy aluminium.

The Apricorn PC Card senses when an attempt to use excess power has been made and disables the driver. Package and physical properties All the cards I received came in a flimsy cardboard package, which included the cradbus itself in a plastic baga driver mini-CD never needed it, although old Win9x distributions mightand a Cwrdbus power cable.

The cards themselves sit flush with the chassis in all machines I tested them in.