That chapter explains the terms, symbols, and syntactical structures used hereand gives an introduction to programming. Language Dictionary – 4Status CommandsStatus commands program the dc source status registers. Measurements are performed by digitizingthe instantaneous output voltage or current for a defined number of samples and sample interval, storingthe results in a buffer, and calculating the measured result. Generally, you need to call the Initialize VI only once at the beginning of an application. Learn more about our privacy policy. Title Author Latest activity Views Came up the idea of designing micro adjustable power supply.

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DISPlayThis command turns the labvied panel display on or off. The Status VIs obtain the current status of the instrument or the status of pending operations.

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DExample ProgramsIntroductionThe example programs in this section are intended to show how some of the same dc sourcefunctions 6632 be programmed to each of the following GPIB interfaces: Make sure that for each successful call to the Initialize VI, you use a matching Close VI to avoid maintaining unnecessary memory resources. Get a feed of this content Use this view in a tile.

Many instrument drivers have a VI Tree VI you can use to view the entire instrument driver hierarchy.


Sending the following commands at any time returns the trigger system tothe Idle state: EITHertriggering occurs on either edge. A positive currenttrigger occurs when the current level changes from a value less than the lower hysteresis band limit to avalue greater than the upper hysteresis band limit.

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Parallel commands allow othercommands to begin executing while the parallel command is still executing. In the following figure we have opened the Agilent Read Multiple Measurements. LANGcommand, as documented in chapter 4. January 16, 5: These VIs include the majority of the instrument driver template VIs, such as reset, self-test, revision, error agilenf, and error message. This is illustrated in Figure A “1” in the bit position enables the corresponding event.

In this example, serial communication is used. The message unit may include a parameter after the header. Themeasurement trigger system is described under “Triggering Measurements”. Page 41 Language Dictionary – 4Table For other instrument driver types, the examples will be available from the Application Examples subpalette from the corresponding instrument driver.

Options are identified bynumber A 0 indicates no options are installed. Commoncommands and queries are categorized under System, Status, or Trigger functions and are listed at theend of each group.

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Page 61 Language Dictionary – 4Status CommandsStatus commands program the dc source status registers. Title Author Latest activity Views Came up the idea of designing micro adjustable power supply. Page 23 Programming the DC Source – 3Making MeasurementsThe dc source has the ability to make several types of voltage or current measurements. Sequentialcommands finish execution before a subsequent command begins. This query returns the next error number followed by its corresponding error message string from theremote programming error queue.


This information is saved in non-volatilememory.

Output commands control the output and digital port functions. Introduction to Programming – 2Baud RateThe front panel Address key lets you select one of the following baud rates, which is stored in non-volatilememory: VOLTage The dc source can be programmed to turn off its output if the output voltage exceeds a preset peakvoltage limit. January 22, Then the Configure Measurement VI is called to set the instrument up for the desired measurement. Your manual failed to upload D – Example ProgramsExample 2.