Please report this failure to the PCI maintainer and include system chipset information. As Randy says, sky2 looks like your best bet. In reply to this post by Andi Kleen sky2 works for my card in 2. Search everywhere only in this topic. PCI interrupt for device

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I see that the sky2 driver in 2. On Mon, Feb 20, at Hi Greg, On Sat, Feb 18, at The problem can also be caused by buggy BIOS’s that don’t report proper values for mmconfig space.

Andi has a follow-on patch at: In reply to this post by Andi Kleen.

I’ve attached my current dmesg output using the Marvell sk98lin driver that works for meand also my current kernel config. I tried other GBe drivers as well, they didn’t recognize it either.

I have the Marvell script generated patches for 2. That was found at: Search everywhere only in this topic. Search everywhere only in this topic Advanced Search Help: This may interact better with the rest of your distribution’s framework, and you may want to use this rather than NVIDIA’s official package.


Do I need to force this card to be enabled somehow with a setpci command?

Help: DGE-560T not recognized by Linux

I have no idea why, unfortunately. This may cause flickering in some applications that use the colormap to perform animation, such as xpilot running on a depth 8 X screen.

Release Highlights Supported products Additional information. The patch is for 2. If you experience flickering, try running nvidia-settings -a [gpu: See web-based documentation and associated nvml.

Linux x64 (AMD64/EM64T) Display Driver

I tried the patch above which did not change anything. On Sat, Feb 18, at ALi Corporation Unknown device b In reply to this post by Andrew Morton I have just built a new system, based on an Asrock Dual-Sata motherboard. Looking at the card, it appears to be a Marvell chip, but neither the sk98lin or skge drivers worked.

Full libux output might give some clues.

Fixed several bugs relating to hardware-accelerated gradients, which were causing visual corruption in some of the default Ubuntu GNOME themes. In reply to this post by Andrew Morton-8 For the benefit of anyone searching later: A further note, neither the Yukon DOS diagnostics that came with the card v6.


By default, LUT updates are not synchronized. You can try it, but it might gag In reply to this post by Greg Kroah-Hartman. The problem was the current linux Marvell drivers 2. In reply to this post by Brian Hall.

Network Device Driver v8.

Once you have downloaded the driver, change to the directory containing the driver package and install the driver by running, as root, sh.