YouTube To Add 1080p HD Videos


Youtube and other video portals on the Internet have come a long way since the beginning of the online video boom.

What started with low resolutions of 320×240 or even more low res than that, has now grown over the year to keep pace with the high definition development in the TV, digital camcorder and media market.

YouTube announced yesterday on the official YouTube blog that it would start serving 1080p HD videos from the coming week on at the popular video portal.

The current maximum resolution of YouTube videos is 720p (1280 × 720). This limitation is raised to the new maximum of 1080p (1920×1080) from next week on.

The highest quality level of the video still depends on the video source according to the post at the YouTube blog, which means that uploaders need to upload videos with at least 1080p to benefit from the new feature. If the video source has a smaller resolution than that, no 1920×1080 option is available on the site obviously.

YouTube 1080p HD Videos

youtube 1080p 2160p

A test video was uploaded to YouTube to showcase the new maximum resolution. This video cannot be embedded, and interested users need to visit YouTube to watch the video there.

Videos that have already been uploaded in 1080p have previously been encoded for 720p. These videos will automatically be encoded again so that they can be shown in 1080p from next week on on the video portal.

A search for 1080p on YouTube reveals many videos that are already available in that new format (or have been improperly tagged with the 1080p tag).

Update: The video can now be embedded, here you go.

Make sure you click on the change quality button and switch to 1080p there to watch the video in the maximum resolution. The default resolution is only 360p so do not be disappointed when you see that quality first.

Update: Youtube raised the resolution again in recent time. The maximum supported resolution is 4K right now on the video streaming website. Note that you need a screen that supports the resolution.