New trailers: It, Justice League, Game of Thrones, and more


I can’t resist films that look as gorgeous and intimate as By The Sea. So even though it didn’t get all-that-great reviews when it came out a little over a year ago, I had to watch it now that it’s streaming on HBO.

The cinematography is just wonderful. And the film sets up a fascinating dynamic where one couple spends half the movie spying on another couple, letting you see two stories at once, all while the threat of the snoopers getting caught creates more and more tension.

It’s one of the smartest things Angelina Jolie does with the movie. And while there’s certainly room for criticism, it very much makes me want to see her do more quiet films like this — there’s something fantastic about Jolie being able to singlehandedly give her projects a powerhouse writer, director, and star.

Check out 11 trailers from this week below.


A first trailer came out this week for the new adaptation of Stephen King’s It, and the film looks almost uncomfortably gorgeous. Even if you’re not usually a horror fan — and I’m not — it’s worth watching just to see how they’re making bright, colorful things come off so creepy. It’s out September 8th.