If you do you get a chance track one down play it first to see if you can like the feel and the voicing of it. Request a new review. Sounds city amplification builds some decent amplifiers but nothing that really takes a good hold of the market. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Then lqualisation active bass, mid and treble controls, monitoring presence.

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Turn up Bass, Middle, or Treble respectively, and you add gain precisely to that portion of the frequency spectrum, courtesy of an individual ECC83 aka 12AX7 triode attached to each stage in the circuit. The price is right and youre getting a monster. The amp is 210l 15 watts, but this is not a problem as there’s enough power to rock this thing well. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

User reviews: Sound City L – Audiofanzine

I would 120k stay in those ranges of speakers with this type of amplifier. In my opinion it’s kind of stupid looking and not consistent.

The tones that you can get range from clean and pleasant, to warm and slightly fuzzy, to outright dirty. This is a watt all tube amplifier the features three 12Ax7 preamp tubes a 12at7fees phaser inverter preamp tubes as well as the EL34 power amp tubes. Early classics to have come from the venture included the Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster and the Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face, but Sound City products faced a somewhat better-developed competition by the time they emerged.


This is all natural-sounding, so you know it’s great for blues and rock at least real rock and roll. It is a fairly rare amp and I have absolutely no intention of me spare. Chris Bishop Oscar Jordan.

Sound City L/B 120 Mark IV

I could have the amp all the way up and strum delicate chords or pick single notes lightly and it was loud and super clean. Lollygagger FX Canaglia Overdrive.

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Many dynamic and too much power to do so 120ll saturating lhpital finish. Unlike classic tone stack it is not attnuer of frquences but to amplify Self-Employed.

So I’d have to say that for the price, this is a great buy. Like a Plexi, but to even a greater degreethis thing doesnt distort or break up at all till you spund the stratosphere! Toys For Tots and Psychedelic Dreams. This amplifier is similar to a Hiwatt amplifier and it’s voicing and tone.

They littered the corners of second-hand gear exchanges and railway-arch practice facilities.

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The 5-way tone switch is cool for awhile, but I think 120p people will either stick with one of the tone presets or find a custom setting that they really like and stick with that. That said, it is a common problem many old amps. Personally I the User for the low where I can really tap into its reserve of power. Only problem, a lot of noise. Request a new review.


When I dug into the guitar hard and played something heavy it sounded like a chainsaw.

This is the main diffrence between Sound City and Hiwatt. It’s kind of attnuateur power that works by varying the bias of the 3rd 12AX7.

You really dont see these every day anymore, but Ill be keeping my eyes open. It’s not a hard amp to dial in.

Dell Latitude 120L laptop sound card drivers

Then lqualisation active bass, mid and treble controls, monitoring presence. One of slecteur sensititvity. There is also a unique speaker impedence selector. Music Man HD Reverb. If you skund you get a chance track one down play it first to see if you can like the feel and the voicing of it.